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Be Aware of Plantar Fasciitis Before Visiting Askja

Be Aware of Plantar Fasciitis Before Visiting AskjaAskja is a caldera in the central highlands of Iceland. It has plenty of calderas which surround the Dyngjufjöll Mountains. It is only accessible in few months of the year where the visitors attend to see the field which was used in the past to study geology. Askja is hilly and thus, as you trespass and hike the slopes and the steep site of the Askja calderas, you might have problems with your heels. This has been a common problem with tourists in Askja. Thus, as you plan for your tour in Iceland, be aware of Plantar Fasciitis before visiting Askja. Here are some tips to make you be aware of the condition;

Be Aware of Hiking as a cause of Plantar Fasciitis

As a result of walking on the stones and hiking over the steep hills and slopes of Askja, there is likelihood that you will overstretch and irritate your plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is the lower part of the foot from the heel to the toes. Consistent overstretching and irritation of this part will eventually lead to “itis”, which is the inflammation or swelling of plantar fascia. This will increase your likelihood to contract the condition. Therefore, your intentions to enjoy the hiking experience and tour in Askja will be turned into tatters.

Check out on your footwear for the tour to Askja

Askja is a hilly and a sloppy area with many scattered stones all over. Thus there are higher chances to contract the Plantar Fasciitis condition. Thus, you will need to include protective footwear in your bag for the tour clothing. As you hike over the hills and slopes, be sure to wear the protective footwear. These include plantar socks and protective stockings. Failure to wear these protective clothing will expose your plantar fascia to being irritated by the upper part of your feet. Constant irritation will cause the Plantar Fasciitis that can interfere with your movement.

Consider your health and susceptibility to contract the condition while in Askja

Be Aware of Plantar Fasciitis Before Visiting AskjaBefore visiting Askja, it is important to consider your health status as you prepare for a hiking and an experience which is solely enjoyed as you walk around. People who are obese, pregnant, overweight, and also high arched feet are likely to exact higher pressure on their feet. This will overstretch the plantar fascia are eventually lead to the contraction of Plantar Fasciitis. If you still want to visit the place despite having the aforementioned problems anyway, consider walking short distances in Askja which are not very steep or with many stones. This will help you to avoid contracting Plantar Fasciitis.

Decide on the time which your visit in Askja will take

Ideally, it is important to schedule for shorter period with enough visit intervals or longer period with less and short intervals. In case you want to visit all the sides of Askja, be sure to plan intervals which are short preferably taking more days. This will prevent you from excessive walking and hiking around the stony areas and over the slopes and hills of Askja which predisposes you to the Plantar Fasciitis condition.


Plantar Fasciitis has become a common problem especially for the tourists who are travelling to watch the geological site of Askja. This is due to the stones scattered in the area and the sloppy hilly terrain of the area which causes overstretching and irritation of the lower part of the foot. It is true that Askja is an enjoyable and an educationally rich place to visit and learn a lot about geology. However, be aware of Plantar Fasciitis before visiting Askja.

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