Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again?

Can Donald Trump Make America Great AgainDonald Trump has recently established himself as one of the most influential presidential candidates for the US 2016 elections. Having emerged as the best nominee in the Republican Party, Donald Trump has, thus, been able to establish well in the bid for presidency. As Trump makes his promises and manifesto to the American citizens, the most important question still remains as, can Donald Trump make America great again?

Are Donald Trump’s Promises True?

Many Americans have been convinced by the promises made by Donald Trump. As a presidential candidate, Trump has promised his visions and goals after he makes it to the white house. Just like the other candidates, he has majored on the 3 most important issues affecting US including; inequality, Planned Parenthood, and unemployment.

Trump has also promises tax reform which will see to it a tax reduction to the middle class citizens. At the same time, he has promised to get rid of guns and weapons owned individually. Trump has also promised to defund Planned Parenthood and create more employment opportunities as an experienced and successful businessman.

Therefore, if Donald Trump fulfills the above promises, he can mean change to America and he can restore the lost American dream among the citizens. The aforementioned factors consist of the answers to the American citizens’ life struggles from social to economical bearings. Thus, as a president, Trump’s major goal will be to make the citizens’ lives and the economy safe from potential future decline. If he can be able to achieve these promises, he can surely re-mould America and make it great again.

Are Donald Trump’s Promises and Goals Realistic?

Can Donald Trump Make America Great AgainMost of the promises made by Donald trump are convincing and somehow attractive to the Americans. This is because they cater for the needs of the citizens and autonomous of US nation solely. When he becomes the next president of the US, Trump has promised to build a great wall to separate US from Mexico. He has also promised to ban Muslims’ among other migrations into the US. His other promises include to get rid of all the individual weapons on the first day of his presidency and killing the enemies and spouses of American’s enemies.

However, can these promises really be attained? Are these promises and goals realistic? Many countries, people, and organizations have, in turn, responded in opposing these promises and deeming them as unattainable and unrealistic. As a matter of fact, some of these promises will break down the international relations between US and other countries such as Japan, China, Mexico, and Muslim nations. This can potentially affect US economy in future. Therefore, as a president, Donald trump should be more sensitive with the words he uses.

What are other Leaders and other People saying?

Other presidential candidates such as H. Clinton and Bernie Sanders have produced a sound of warning to the citizens saying that Donald Trump can destroy America with his intentions. Although the rest of the world has remained silent on Donald’s claims, it is pretty true to say that most of the nations do not support his claims and promises. On the other hand, some of the citizens who have been grieved by terrorism cases in the world, current US economy, unemployment rate, and migrations have supported trump due to his plans on these issues.


Previously Donald Trump has established himself in entrepreneurship and he has been successful in business. This shows his ability to manage a sector and probably a nation with an expectation of good and tangible results. But, can Donald Trump make America great again? Ideally, he might be having efficient skills in entrepreneurship but limited ones in leadership. Thus, as US citizens anticipate for the next president it is prudent to analyze all the candidates and their promises well before making their choice.

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