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What Are The Damages of Not Using Water Softener?

What Are The Damages of Not Using Water SoftenerWater Softening Issue has recently resulted into many responses across the states of the US. As many states are not supporting water softening, especially irrigation water. In this regard, you may be in a dilemma on what are the damages of not using water softener. Be sure that there are quite a number of damages that are associated with not using a water softener. However, you may not be able to denote them especially if you have not experienced them before. The following include some of the damages which you can be exposed to while you are using water which has not been softened;

Higher Expenses in Purchasing Detergents

Hard water consumes relatively more detergents when you are washing clothes, utensils, or when you are showering. This is because the hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium need to be broken down and replaced with sodium and potassium before the water can be easily used. This will require you to buy a higher amount of detergents than if you had preferred to use a water softener. The detergents can even be more expensive to purchase than a water softener. This will have an effect on your planned expenses.

Frequent Repair and Maintenance Operations

What Are The Damages of Not Using Water SoftenerDeposition of magnesium and calcium in the water pipes and tanks will eventually cause clogging or blockage of the pipes and taps. Blockage of pipes affects the drainage and water delivery into your house or your home. Therefore, it will require you to repair and undertake the maintenance operations frequently. Furthermore, this labor might be intensive and time taking hence interfering with other activities of your daily engagements.

Expenses on the Frequent Repair and Maintenance

As a result of the frequent repair and maintenance in the water system, more expenses will be added to your normal budget. This will involve the costs in purchasing new pipes, new taps, and even new tanks. In addition to that, you will be required to dismantle the previous system and establish a new one as your repair. This will require you to hire labor from plumbers or you to sacrifice your working days. Thus, expenses will be deemed as unavoidable.

Effects on Your Health

What Are The Damages of Not Using Water SoftenerMany argue that softening water deducts it its important minerals such as calcium and magnesium necessary to human beings health. However, it is important to note that there are some negative health effects that are associated with water which is not softened. Frequent drinking of water which is not softened will affect your dental health by causing a brownish color on your teeth. This color is not finished by brushing the teeth.

Formation of Stains on Objects which can be hard to remove

Hard water causes stains on objects such as glass. Thus, when you use water which is not softened, you may be required to incur other expenses to buy materials and chemicals to remove these stains. The stains can be formed on your kitchen utensils such as plates, glass, and flasks. Stained utensils lose their color and you might be forced to dispose them and buy others. This increases more expenses on you.


Water softeners are available in the market near you. It is important to use water softeners to avoid extra expenses which are associated with negative results of using hard water such as staining of objects. At the same time, the water softeners are available at relatively cheap prices which are quite affordable to you. Don’t let the damages of not using water softener have significant effect on your expenses or your life at home.

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