Is ObamaCare Scheme Really Healing the Citizens?

Is ObamaCare Scheme Really Healing the CitizensSince 2014, ObamaCare has been upheld as a law and basically relied on by Barack Obama‘s nation. It has been providing an easy access to medical services that are quality and insured. At the same time, ObamaCare has been put in place in order to reduce expenses in medication as individual spending has been hiking frequently. However, is ObamaCare Scheme really healing the citizens? In attempt to check whether the act is impacting the life of Americans, let’s look at some of the dimension the law has been touching;

Affordable Health Care

Through the scheme, the medical care has been subsidized for many citizens in the US and especially the working and the middle class. Yet, it is also prudent not to forget that many Americans from the working and the middle class are not insured in health. Therefore, ObamaCare Scheme has been able to ensure that their health is catered for effectively. This service has been entitled to a very low payment which is made in form taxes to the government.

The Scheme Caters for Gender Equality services

Is ObamaCare Scheme Really Healing the CitizensAt times, many insurance services or public health systems charge different genders differently. This is especially if someone is young and has not established a family; or when one has an advanced age which is associated with certain problems especially those associated with different genders. These problems include; tobacco use, family size or anticipated family size, and gender related disorders.

Previously, women were overcharged more than the men resulting to over $1billion difference each year. However, this has been standardized by the ObamaCare Scheme which has, in turn, balanced the cost of the health services among both genders.

Tax Reduction to small Businesses offering Employees Health Insurance

The scheme has been imposing high taxation and restrictions to the business which are not offering their employees health insurance. On the other hand, ObamaCare Scheme has acted in favor for small businesses which offer their employees health insurance.

This caters for the expenses that these businesses make in health insurance allowing them to be able to balance their profits and the transactions made. At the same time, this decision encourages many businesses to prefer giving their employees a health insurance. Therefore, the employees, as a part of US citizens, benefit from the health insurance as they are now sure of a safer life.

Improving Medicare for the Older People

Is ObamaCare Scheme Really Healing the CitizensThrough the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), the seniors have been benefiting from increased access to the wellness and check-up visits, preventative care offered through this act, and also receiving of cheaper drugs which does not account in their insurance costs. Therefore, ObamaCare Scheme has come up as an answer to the problems of the older people in their struggles while seeking health services. It has also eroded the previous exploitation of the older people in terms of medical spending and insurance costs. This is important to the older people as they are always the most susceptible and helpless portion of the population.


ObamaCare has, since 2014, been an effective solution in the issue of health care in US. Many large and small businesses are, however, opposed to the scheme due to its demand on the employees’ health insurance. Consequently, these businesses have deemed the act as unhelpful to America. But on the other hand, the small businesses, middle and working class, and the entire citizens are finding it a helpful scheme to the nation. Therefore, the importance of the ObamaCare Scheme cannot be underrated.

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