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Why Should You Prefer Rain Showerhead to Take a Bath?

Why Should You Prefer Rain Showerhead to Take a BathMay be you are wondering why should you prefer rain showerhead to take a bath in your bathroom. There are a number of reasons for this. Most of the times, we always want to have a relaxing and an exhilarating experience in our bathrooms. However, using a water tap or a water basin may not offer you the comfortable and relaxing experience that you would want to have in the bathroom. Nonetheless, installing a rain showerhead in your bathroom changes your bathing into a wholesome new experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should prefer rain showerhead to take a bath;

a) It is easy to take a relaxing shower while standing

After a long working day or after you get to your house from the gym or jogging, a rain showerhead will give you a relaxing shower without strenuous bathing in the bathroom. Using a water basin or a water tap and also bending your back while taking a bath may seem unattractive and tiring after you have just reached at your house. A rain showerhead will sprinkle water over your body as you apply the shampoo or the soap on your hair or body respectively. This is going to make your bathroom experience relaxing and even faster than before.

b) The showerhead will offer more coverage of your body

Why Should You Prefer Rain Showerhead to Take a BathUsing a water basin or a water tap may not allow you to effectively reach all your body parts and especially your back. However, when you install a rain showerhead, it will sprinkle water to all your body parts and clean off all the soap that you will apply on your body. This is also healthy as your body will be fully cleaned unlike when you use a water basin.

c) The showering experience appears gentle

The rain showerhead sprinkles the water on your body in equal amounts. Therefore, you can be able to relate with the amount of water sprinkled as you shower. This will give you a gentle experience unlike while using a water basin.

d) You only turn off when you are through with your shower

Sometimes while in the bathroom, the water in the basin can be finished even before we are through with the shower. However, this cannot be experienced while using a rain water showerhead not unless the water in the house is insufficient. The rain showerhead is attached to a tap which you can be able to reach while taking your shower. Thus, when you finish taking the bath completely, you can turn off the tap easily.

e) Are easy to maintain

Since you will only be operating your rain showerhead with your tap, it is therefore easy to maintain it to last for a longer time. You will hardly be touching or interfering with your rain showerhead unless it is clogged or blocked. Therefore, maintaining the showerhead is easy and a showerhead can last for a longer time.


Your bathing experience is highly dependent on what you have in your bathroom and also what you have installed. A rain showerhead is a simple technology that will change your bathing experience into a new one. It will allow for water sprinkling in a higher pressure than a water tap and thus enhance full body covering with water as you bath.

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